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Our "Carriage House" remains under  construction and will not be open this year for overnight BnB guests, if ever at all....

  As many Pennsylvania barns, it has three compartments with a barn bridge to the second floor, an overhang in the rear, and a (stone) silo.  We designed those basics into an elagant "top shelf" home. 
  In 2008, we began the project as a storage barn with the full capability of caring for our aging parents. In fact, it was my aging father's idea, and he was to foot the bill! He always stressed, however; "make sure you build something that you can later use."
  With that in mind, we incorporated many commercial code requirements into the plan so as to save time and aggrevation later.  Today we find that the local BnB requirements and allowances possibly exclude this build from ever being able to be used as such.  Additionally, since 2008, my father has changed his "changing" mind, and made it clear, he doesn't "want to live in the middle of a field in an equiptment shed!"  (He makes a good point!)  So, we remain unfinished today, still slowly in work to produce the most delightfull and attractive storage barn in Adams County!
  The strong attractive basics of a stone foundation, mortise and tenon timber frame construction, board and batten exterior barn siding, metal roof, coupulas, and stone silo have been key elements as we progress. We hoped they would all come together with our soap stone kitchen, copper and clawfoot bathtubs, wormy chestnut cabinets and trim, pine "Z" pattern doors, gas fireplaces, gas lamps, stacked stone patio, silo-top gazebo, outdoor hottub, beautiful landscaping,and breathtaking oak barn flooring to create a warm and cozy experience of times passed for our parents, and later our guests.
  We planned to someday offer three rooms for overnight guests. Farm wagons would typically drive into the center section of PA bank barns and stow hay on one side and straw on the other.  Our "Stone Silo" suite with full bath would be on one side, and our "Soap Stone" suite with full bath would be on the other.  The center section would be our "Wagon Wheel" common area for quiet escape to relax, with it's full and magnificent "era" kitchen complete with chestnut cabnets for dining. The third  room would be in the stone silo itself. Our  "Gazebo Room" would be a small romantic 2nd floor bedroom above a 1st floor bath, and below a third floor silo-topped gazebo. 
  As of this writing, my father, now 96, lives with us at Lake Heritage, and my motherinlaw remains independant at 93.  God bless them and their long life!  They remain aoutside the envelope where independant living at Mt Joy Berry Farm is any longer an option.  Consequently, at the appropriate time in the future, we will revisit our long imagined idea of the BnB.  Most likely that ship has sailed, and we will move into it ourselves!
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