Fruits of Our Labor
Our bees work very hard in our fields to fertilize our many fruit crops making honey for their winter food.  Our bee keepers/suppliers steal it from time to time!  When open, we try to keep three honey varieties in stock:
Clover - Basic table honey that most are familiar with.
Wild Flower - Full bodied, deeper flavored honey great for baking.
Goldenrod - Hay fever?  This honey is for you.  As are Clover and Wild Flower, this honey is a local Pennsylvania honey as good for ammunity protection as a honey can bee!!

    We are closed for U-pick Strawberries as of May 31st, 2012. Thanks to all who helped us give homes to the many berries.  As we remodel and regroup and prepare for a bed and breakfast business, we will not offer U-pick Strawberries.  We are sorry for this inconvenience, and may get back to them in the future.

    This is becoming our farms signiture crop.  During a good year, they are plentiful, always easy to pick, and without pesticide application, extremely valuable and healthful food luxuries.  We love growing them, and we love having our friends and neighbors enjoy them with us.
    Our main challenge left has been narrowed down to how we manage the migratory bird populations who show up around Independance Day, and out compete our customers for the berries.  Large bird flocks have stripped us down to unripened berries in the matter of minutes.  On years with early warming trends, we are able to harvest and U-pick 50%+ of our crop with the remaining berries going to the birds.  On cold years, as 2014, we were lucky to offer any. Call in the Berry Hotline in June/July for updated information.

Berry Hotline:   717-359-7246     Call for updated times and field condition
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